Toolkits &
creative works

The VSD Lab has created a number of toolkits and other creative works in order to enable designers, engineers, technologists, educators, researchers, and more to foreground human values in their processes.



The Envisioning Cards use principles and techniques from value sensitive design to scaffold moral and technical imagination around the design of new technologies.

The Security Cards bring together insights from value sensitive design with heuristics from security threat analysis to foster a security mindset around the design and development of new technologies.

The Metaphor Cards are a toolkit for supporting generative metaphorical design thinking around information systems for international justice.


Designing Tech Policy: Instructional Case Studies for Technologists and Policy Makers The instructional case studies position students to consider the deeply interactional processes of human values and technology. Topics include: personal drones, IoT in smart homes, the sharing economy, and workforce management. In collaboration with the UW Tech Policy Lab.



The Voices from the Rwanda Tribunal is a collection of 49 video interviews with personnel from the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR).

On the Steppe: Plain Talk Imagining Technology Used Wisely is a community radio series on designing and using technology wisely. In collaboration with the UW Tech Policy Lab and the Methow Valley radio station KTRT 97.5 FM “The Root.”

Methods and


Diverse Voices: The Guide provides step-by-step guidelines for using the Diverse Voices method to increase the inclusiveness of tech policy documents. In collaboration with the UW Tech Policy Lab.

A Guide for Writing Data Statements for Natural Language Processing provides general best practices for writing data statements as well as the rationale, definition, and best practices for each schema element (Data Statements Schema Version 2). In collaboration with the UW Tech Policy Lab.

Resilience Grammar: A Value Sensitive Design Method for Resilience Thinking provides a systematic process for researchers, designers, and policymakers to identify and trace resilience pathways in the context of real-world responses to stressors and obstacles. In collaboration with the UW Tech Policy Lab.